Welcome Baby Gio

Our firstborn, Giorgio Harris Kruithof, was born July 14 at 12:08 am.  Brent and I are in constant awe of this little baby, our precious son.

Gio Birth

KruBooks is still up and running, but it may take me just a little longer to check emails and respond to requests.  Please forgive the delay, and  thank you so much for your patience!

Labor Day Weekend

I love this time of year. There’s the sweetest mix of embracing the end of summer and just starting to feel hints of fall. Absolute perfection. We celebrated the Labor Day holiday with enthusiasm – the fun including a good old fashioned church festival and family tailgating party.

The tailgating rules? Wear a team shirt and eat lots of junk food. Can’t beat that.

Here’s the day’s menu:

1. Hamburgers and Dogs @ The Blue (sort of) 2000 Toyota Corolla
2. Birthday Cake @ The Tan 2005 Hyundai Elantra
3. Chicken Wings @ gold Toyota Matrix
4. Cheese Quesadillas @ Red Kia Sportage
5. Skyline Chili Dip @ MawMaw’s Mazda remix
6. Nachos and Cheese @ Isuzu Rodeo
7. SHAAAAASTA @ The Wonderful White Van
8. Cowboy Beans and Deviled Eggs @ The Navy Mom’s Vehicle
9. Mac and cheese@ The Old Buick
10. Walking Tacos @ Dark Blue VW Beater
12. Cracker-Jacks @ the Blue Dodge Van
13. Cookies @ White Chevy Cavalier

That Bongey family sure does know how to have fun.

Summer Staycation

Brent and I had some vacation days to burn, so we decided to enjoy the last few days of summer with a little “staycation.” It was great – plenty of pool time, eating out, and relaxing with friends and family. We took a day trip back to Madison, IN (where we celebrated our October birthdays last year) to visit the shops and wineries. And we even pulled off our first yard sale. It was a wonderful, happy week, but now it’s back to work! Only 3 weeks till our Myrtle Beach vacation with Brent’s family!

The Downtowner in Madison, IN

Blue Bell ice cream

Organizing and tagging for the yard sale. Of course this task required wine.

Our nephews, Jack and Noah. I can’t get enough of these boys!

My Paw Paw

My beloved Paw Paw, Jack Bongey, was called home to heaven last Thursday. He was such an amazing man, treasured by our family and many loved ones. My cousin James did a beautiful job with the eulogy, perfectly summing up Paw Paw’s loving and jovial nature – “(Jack) had a way of making everybody feel special, be they family, friend or soon-to-be friend. When we would go on our trips together he would greet everyone with a giant smile and an ‘Oh! There he is!’ as if he had just been talking about them in admiration.”

Over the weekend I put together a slideshow of Paw Paw pictures for the visitation. It was incredibly moving to look through all those memories, some I recall and some taking place long before my arrival. I especially love the wedding images, a younger Jack and Isabel Bongey just starting their 56 years as husband and wife. I thought I would share a few of these special pictures in honor of my sweet grandpa.

You are greatly loved and missed, Paw Paw. We can’t wait to hear you singing in the heavenly choir!

Holiday Wonderment

Who doesn’t love holidays? I’ll take any excuse to dress up, grill-out, wear big sunglasses and eat festively colored donuts. Our 4th of July was filled with family, food and fun – just as a holiday should be :) We didn’t do any fireworks this year, but we did get to experience my 3-year-old nephew’s first sparkler.

I must say, everything is much more fun when there’s a child around to delight in the wonderment of it all. You start looking at things with new eyes and a fresh perspective. Little things matter more, and worries aren’t as big. It was a great way to kick off the long weekend. The next couple days were full of swimming, soaking up the sun, and lots and lots of water slides. Summer, I hope you stay a long, long time.

Bunco Girls Night

A few months ago my friends started an all-girl Bunco group. It has been an absolute blast! There are 12 girls in the group and we meet once a month, each time at a different person’s house. Bunco is such a fun and simple game to learn. Best of all, there’s absolutely no skill involved. You switch tables and partners every 5 minutes or so, which is perfect for mixing up a large group.

Last week was my turn to host, and I was excited to do a little entertaining. I love how you can transform a typical Thursday night into a special occasion with just a few personalized touches. The Bunco Girls straws were my favorite; they were perfect for our orange julius drinks!


Last week Brent and I were lucky enough to spend a week in the lovely city of Charleston. It was a blast – our first week-long trip alone since our honeymoon. I so love my husband. It was awesome getting to spend that much uninterrupted time together. We went out to eat every night (my favorite part of vacation), and got to experience a lot of local favorites. Throw in sunning by the pool, sitting with our toes in the ocean, shopping on King Street, admiring the beautiful old South architecture and lots and lots of sweet tea and ice cream, and it was all around a wonderful trip.

I will say that there were times when it truly felt too hot to move. Brent, being a true South Carolina boy, was loving it. I was literally melting. But the evenings were amazing. Just perfect. And who doesn’t love night walks on the beach?

Brenty, thanks for the wonderful memories! I can’t wait for our next adventure together!

Lip Puddle

Walter had a busy Memorial Day weekend. Lots of walks, playing ball, trip to my mom and dad’s new house, family party, eating outside at Molly Malone’s. He’s used to getting a lot more sleep during the day! While we were doing yard work on Sunday, I snapped these pictures. He was laying on his lip so funny – Brent said it looked like a “lip puddle.” It was the perfect description!

I think he’s glad to be back on his normal sleep schedule today. I just heard him jump into our bed as I typed this.

Jack’s Party in the Park

I can’t believe my little nephew Jack turned 3 this May! My sister Sarah threw the most adorable Party in the Park, and I just have to share some pictures. She’s so amazing! At what point am I too old to say I want to be just like her when I grow up?

“Lunch in a Box” – pasta salad, fruit salad, pretzels and juice boxes

Jumbo chocolate covered marshmallows

Jack’s proud aunts

The adorable birthday boy and his adorable mom:

Aunt Kiki and Uncle Brenty

I’m sure there will be more details on Sarah’s Jack and Izzy blog in upcoming weeks. Check it out!

Trip to Raleigh

As promised, here are the pictures from Easter weekend in Raleigh. Brent and I were so excited to visit his family and meet baby Hailey. Even though it was a short trip, we packed it full! We had a picnic at the park, an Easter egg hunt, a b-day party for Savi, and even time for the adults to chat around the fire pit.

Here’s little Hailey, a little over two months old. Isn’t she the sweetest?

And here’s Hailey’s big sister, Savi. This picture cracks me up. She really didn’t want a family Easter picture!

Brent and I on Easter morning:

The whole Kruithof clan together! I just love this family!