Interview with Jenn Hopkins Photography

A while back (I mean a LONG while back), I had the great idea to interview a few of my favorite clients and get their expert advice on managing the album process.  In this crazy “learn as you go” business, taking a peek other’s workflow can be so valuable.

So I started with sweet Jenn Hopkins.  She was kind enough to answer my questions last June and I am just now getting around to posting them.  Since then, Jenn has brought into the world the cutest, most edible baby with a dimple that is simply to die for.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 5.30.07 PM

I love working with Jenn, and it’s truly been a pleasure to get to know her personally too as we both entered the wild world of motherhood.  All my love to this incredible lady!  Ok, here’s Jenn’s interview!

Where are you located? Jacksonville/North East Florida, but I travel all over Florida and Georgia and beyond!
How long you have been a professional photographer? About 5 years now! Time flies when your having fun!

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 5.37.39 PM
Why did you decide to outsource album design? Because, frankly, graphic design is just not my thing. I SO wish it was, because I enjoy beautiful design, but I was finding that no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t lay out my albums the way I envisioned them, or to the standards that I thought Albums Deserved. I purchased tons of “Templates” but nothing compares to a custom layout. So I was so thankful to find KruBooks.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 5.40.24 PM
Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 5.41.27 PM
Best part of working with KruBooks? Katie makes whatever I need happen, happen. My layouts are amazing, she highlights my images in the best way, the albums are clean, and visually stunning. I love that once my Bride sends me her album image selections I can hand everything off to Katie and know she will deliever them an incredible product!!
Who do you use as your print and bind supplier and why? I use Finao. I personally love the choices. I think it gives my Brides something so fun to do, to be apart of the album design process in choosing their leathers and color options. They can go clean and simple or with pops of color. Depnding on their design style.

Best advice on how to handle the album process with your wedding clients? I went through a few different processes. I personally like my clients to choose their own images. I found when I chose the images and then let them make changes I was making LOTS of changes to the way the album was laid out, etc. and inevitably wasn’t happy with it. As much as I love filling albums with designs and moments, truth be told, Brides still love the filling albums with their posed family portraits, and portraits of friends and family. So, I leave the selection up to them. I do try to provide them with the types of images they should fill their album with, for example, I have them choose images from each part of their day. Getting ready, candids, and formals to make a cohesive album.

I have also decided to require their image choices before shipping out their disc of images. Those image discs are highly coveted and Brides want them right away! So it provides a little incentive for them to work on first choosing their images for their album. I also think it lets them go with their heart and first instinct when choosing images. They are much more decisive right after their gallery posts, then weeks or sometimes months after their gallery post. It also helps keep me moving in a timely fashion, and allows me to wrap up loose items like Bride and Parent albums pretty quickly after finishing up a Brides Gallery.

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Images courtesy of Jenn Hopkins Photography

Cameron and Jon

Since a majority of my work is design only for professional photographers, I rarely get to see the final product in its glorious print and bind form.  I was super excited to get these beautiful album pictures from Anne Skidmore Photography.  I had to share!


Anne created this album as a studio sample to show potential clients.  We ordered a 10×10, 30 page Leather Craftsmen 3500 flush mount.  The split tone cover treatment has a Euro Black Leather spine on a Euro Grey Leather cover.  Anne chose silver modern imprinting for the spine with one space between each letter.  I just love the sleek and classy outcome!

Thanks for sharing your pictures, Anne!

New Year’s Eve Wedding

What’s better than a winter wedding?  A New Year’s Eve wedding!  Two special occasions on the same day equals twice the reason to celebrate.
These stunning pictures are from the amazingly talented averyhouse team, based out of Chicago.  Every album project with them is pure joy.  Opening their image folder to design is pretty much comparable to Christmas morning around here.

The details for this wedding are a designer’s dream.  Probably the only thing that could make me happier is actually getting to attend the reception!

Counting down to 2013!
Happy New Year!

Rhea and Eric

Like pink? Then I’ve got just the album for you! Rhea and Eric got married in this awesome hot pink venue. This was the first album I designed for one of my new 2011 photographer clients, April Smith. April is located in Southern California and has such style and talent. If you are in the area, you definitely need to look her up!

So excited to be working with April this year! I’m sure you’ll see plenty more from her in future posts :)

Hindu Wedding

A few weeks ago I featured a layout from Neha and Mohit’s wedding. They had a traditional Indian wedding, with festivities that stretched over four days! Here’s what photographer Brooke Schwab had to say about the wedding: “The Hindu wedding celebration is focused on rituals and centered around family. Deeply rooted in tradition, the colors and sounds of this event were truly a unique experience AND the food was to die for!” I was so inspired by this 40 page album that I decided to share a few more spreads with you. As always, you can click on the spread for a closer look at the pictures.

On the Wednesday before the wedding, the bride and her close friends had a “putting henaceremony.

The bride and groom do not see each other during the pre-festivities. This spread shows Neha’s family at the sangeet.

Thursday includes the gift giving ritual for the families.

The bride’s preparations the day before the ceremony:

On Saturday, the groom participates in the baraat. Here’s Brooke’s description of the event: “The baraat is a marriage procession. It is customary for the groom to travel to the brides on a horse. This event is spectacular with lots of singing, laughter and dancing and Mohit could not have worn a bigger smile on his face. “

The bride and groom had new attire for the reception. All the clothing and accessories were brought in from India.

It was an incredible reception with amazing florals, food and dancing. Look at these colors!

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to design the album for this unique wedding. It was a wonderful learning experience for me. Special thanks to Brooke Schwab for the incredible photography!


I’m currently working on a second studio album for the incredibly talented Mark Ketcham (San Diego, check him out). I love how at every wedding or session there is always one shot that becomes THE shot. You know the shot I mean? The one that catches your breath. The one where the stars aligned and the moment was perfect and the camera snapped. Need an example? Voila:

Spotlight on GauperPhoto

One of my favorite studios to work with happen to be two of my favorite people. I went to college with Holly – she has an incredible eye for design, and is a wiz at photoshop. I have always been in awe of her really. Then she married this amazing photographer, Ryan. Together they make an awesome team. So much fun!

Last Valentine’s day, Holly and Ryan made a visit to Cincinnati and did a little photo shoot with us. We had such a great time! I love all the shots – it’s hard to pick just a few to feature.

photography by GauperPhoto

I’m in a wedding in August for another one of my good college friends. Stephanie and her fiance are wildly entertaining, not to mention insanely good looking :) Ryan and Holly will be the photographers for the wedding, and I am so excited to see them in action. Here are a couple of shots from their engagement shoot with Hup and Steph.

photography by GauperPhoto

I’m sure you’ll see some wedding pictures in a couple months. With this couple, and these photographers, I know they will be amazing!

Recent Client Feedback

One of my photographers, Terence from Beautiful Capture Photography, recently received his finished studio album. Here’s what he had to say:

“The album is perfect in every aspect. It’s been a while since I got excited about pictures but seeing the pictures in a nice album makes a huge difference. I will definitely be bringing the album to the next client meeting and I am sure it will sell itself. :) Thank you for your beautiful work!”

Here are a couple spreads from the studio album:

Thanks for your business, Terence! It was a pleasure working together!