Cameron and Jon

Since a majority of my work is design only for professional photographers, I rarely get to see the final product in its glorious print and bind form.  I was super excited to get these beautiful album pictures from Anne Skidmore Photography.  I had to share!


Anne created this album as a studio sample to show potential clients.  We ordered a 10×10, 30 page Leather Craftsmen 3500 flush mount.  The split tone cover treatment has a Euro Black Leather spine on a Euro Grey Leather cover.  Anne chose silver modern imprinting for the spine with one space between each letter.  I just love the sleek and classy outcome!

Thanks for sharing your pictures, Anne!

New Year’s Eve Wedding

What’s better than a winter wedding?  A New Year’s Eve wedding!  Two special occasions on the same day equals twice the reason to celebrate.
These stunning pictures are from the amazingly talented averyhouse team, based out of Chicago.  Every album project with them is pure joy.  Opening their image folder to design is pretty much comparable to Christmas morning around here.

The details for this wedding are a designer’s dream.  Probably the only thing that could make me happier is actually getting to attend the reception!

Counting down to 2013!
Happy New Year!

Praise for Winter Weddings

I’m a midwest girl who grew up with changing seasons, and I truly love what each one has to offer.  But after two years of living in Grand Cayman, this Cincinnati winter has been a bit of a reality shock.  Then pictures like these come along and remind me just how beautiful this season can be.

Winter has a bad reputation of being dreary, causing depressing, and just generally over-staying its welcome.  But man, when that perfect white snow falls and those happy strands of lights twinkle, something truly magical happens.

I actually had a winter wedding myself, and was blessed with probably the warmest, sunniest December 15th Cincinnati can remember.  If I could have picked any season, I most likely would have done a fall wedding, but winter is what we ended up with.  And it was awesome.  Venues were already dressed up for the holidays, so we spent very little on flowers or decorations.  The colors of the season – gold, ivory, champagne, silver, and glitter – give your day a natural air of sophistication and elegance.

Winter is generally considered “off-season” for weddings so photographers, venues, and contractors might offer lower rates to fill their calendar.  Plus, as a final bonus, family and friends will all cast an envious eye as you whisk away to a sun-filled honeymoon!  You can’t beat that!

 Photography by Zev Fisher

Erum and Moiz

As a friend pointed out this weekend, I’ve been behind on updating the KruBooks blog with recent work. And it’s not for a lack of having beautiful things to share! First up, this gorgeous South Asian wedding shot by photographer Julie Wilhite. Luckily I’ve done a Hindu wedding album before, so I was prepared for the number of pictures and festivities. There are so many different events involved in the traditional South Asian wedding that Erum and Moiz decided to do two albums – one for the Mehndi and Sangeet, then another album for the wedding ceremony, reception, and crying ceremony.

Crystal and Jeff

I recently got a request for a special “vintage” style album from photographer April Smith. Her client wanted a design that used wallpaper, but maintained a classy and elegant look. The end product was soft and sweet, the perfect compliment for April’s romantic images.

The bride and groom seeing each other for the first time

Reception details

First dance