Cameron and Jon

Since a majority of my work is design only for professional photographers, I rarely get to see the final product in its glorious print and bind form.  I was super excited to get these beautiful album pictures from Anne Skidmore Photography.  I had to share!


Anne created this album as a studio sample to show potential clients.  We ordered a 10×10, 30 page Leather Craftsmen 3500 flush mount.  The split tone cover treatment has a Euro Black Leather spine on a Euro Grey Leather cover.  Anne chose silver modern imprinting for the spine with one space between each letter.  I just love the sleek and classy outcome!

Thanks for sharing your pictures, Anne!

Rachel and Chris

This was a very special album for me since it is the first one for my newest clients, Paperlily Photography. Paperlily is based in Atlanta and their work is absolutely amazing! I was so thrilled when they said they were looking for someone to help with album design. When I first saw their site, I just sat and drooled over all the beauty. Let’s just say photographers Brooke and Christy know what they are doing :)

This album is a real wedding that will be used as a studio sample. I’m sure they’ll book a million weddings after showcasing this one!

Studio Albums

When I first start working with a new photographer, many times I am asked to design a studio album. Studio albums (or portfolio albums) are a great way to showcase your work. It’s perfect for bridal shows or first meetings with potential clients. It’s especially nice since brides can have a hard time visualizing a “flush mount” or “magazine-style” album. Once they see the end product, though, it’s hard to say no! One photographer put it this way, “I have received many compliments on the design you did – in fact, clients that were previously opposed to flush mount albums were really interested! I think there is so much cheese out there that until they see a tastefully designed album with clean lines and a sophisticated design, they don’t realize how nice they can be!”

Studio albums can be done two ways. 1) You can choose your favorite wedding, and do an album with just those images. This gives the bride a feel for what her album would be like since it follows one day from beginning to end. 2) You can choose several weddings and do a page or two for each. This gives the bride a peek at your entire portfolio, and highlights your very favorite shots.

Here are some sample spreads from recent portfolio albums:

photography by Beautiful Capture Photography

Let me know if you would like more information on portfolio albums, or would like to get started on your own!